AAAS blog post published!

My first blog submission was published on the AAAS Fellows “Sci on the Fly”! This is a posting I’ve been turning over for many months, every since the Pope’s encyclical came out and spurred that flurry of conversation coming from all sides, political, religious, scientific, and more. And after reading the encyclical itself, I was floored by the sheer beauty of the piece. And that beauty has meaning. The beauty comes from an ability to tell a story, an ability to connect multiple pieces of humanity, religion and science, faith and facts. This blog posting represents the first offering of mine in this realm and is a call to conservation and environmental scientists and science-lovers to start respecting their own multi-faceted story grounded in a swirl of morality and science. And from that point, start acknowledging and then enabling the power and the place of faith-based communities in conservation and environmentalism.

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