About Me

I transplanted myself from Texas soil in 2002 and have since then found myself working and living in Kenya, California, Australia, and Washington, DC. In 2017, I moved back to California and am working on putting down roots in the dynamic Bay Area. Always motivated by a deep love for the outdoors, I also channel a passion for theater and literature into all aspects of my life. My graduate career at the University of California, Davis provided me not only with the academic street cred but also with an awareness that sustainable, effective nature conservation needs diverse peoples and viewpoints and vice versa. With that in mind, I dove into urban conservation and sustainable development, shoring up my conceptual background and practical experience through paid work and volunteer service. I have a particular penchant for agricultural systems, in rural and urban areas, knowing their critical influence on conservation and for human wellbeing.

Throughout the years, I have realized that my driving goal is to enable people to connect deeply and meaningfully to the places they value such that both sustain the other. I have seen those connections take shape in astoundingly varied ways in rural Malawi and urban San Diego. People never cease to amaze. Places never cease to inspire.

You can find out more about my employment, PhD, professional service, training, and more in my full curriculum vitae