Handing in my resignation to USAID

And now life speeds up.

My partner and I are moving out to the Bay Area in July, and I am leaving USAID early July (he quit at the end of May). This decision was one of the heart, a decision to move on to a place where we both want to settle into for the long haul. Timing was much quicker than anticipated (heck, I started a new position within USAID only six months ago!) but rapidly sped up due to social and political changes, external and internal to the Agency and the field, that have made it clear to us that now is the time for this move. A larger landscape was revealed by the recent election and all that is roiling about throughout the last eight months. We want to be right there in the middle of that renewed momentum toward connection, compassion, and sustained positive change in our home country. Keep in touch as I move back out West!

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