July ’16: SCB month

My month started off with taking notes for two days straight as Secretary for the SCB (Society for Conservation Biology) Board of Governors annual meeting. It was a packed and productive meeting where we moved the dial forward on our policy vision and our global Society’s implementation plan. Some very exciting things spinning up in the Society! Now, I’m headed off to NACCB where I was invited to present in a symposium organized by Nick Haddad and Meade Krosby on communicating about landscape connectivity. My month is wonderfully preoccupied with SCB doings and so I’m grateful that my USAID doings are mostly focused on wrapping up projects and general maintenance. But in the back of my mind and in snatches of time here and there, I get to start plotting out the next research initiatives for my climate change team. What do we need to know more about or improve upon for our climate change policy and programming for development in sub-Saharan Africa? More on that in August!

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