Short fiction

In undergraduate, I embarked on a non-traditional honors thesis for my very non-traditional honors program, Plan II at UT Austin. I chose to blend my love of science and liberal arts with a thesis dedicated to fictional nature writing. Usually there is fiction and there is nature writing and the two rarely obviously mix. However, I wanted to try my hand at this knowing that fiction sells far, far better than nature writing and I wanted my stories to appeal to very broad audiences.


So I developed a body of short stories based on “wild” places I knew well and experiences that stuck with me through the years. I received the Joynes Award for Creative Thesis from Plan II for this thesis. After that (with some hiatuses here and there), I have been editing a few of my favorite stories for publication in popular magazines such as Orion.


If you know of a great place to publish this type of literature, please email me. I would appreciate any and all suggestions, whether it’s in print or online.


Title and excerpts from my undergrad honors thesis


I started a travelblog the second time I went to Kenya for research (summer 2009). I have kept it up ever since when I travel for research, conferences, or just for fun. Most of these are international but I have one adventure in the Florida Keys, sailing for a week. Enjoy!

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